Le Case Antiche

Between a dream and history ...

There is a different way to spend your days while on holiday:  hosted in sophisticated accommodations inspired by the surrounding environment.
It deals with “alberghi diffusi”, an Italian reality born in 1982 that is based on the need to build a new hospitality model, in which originality and the development of the territory are at its core, to make your days, spent wherever you choose, more magical and authentic, like a frame around your holiday.
We have been working in the building sector since 1960 and our experience has allowed us to lavish our commitment and knowledge even in the hospitality sector, offering wonderful period homes with nearly zero impact.

Ospitalità Diffusa 

An elegant and original solution

Le Case Antiche, recognized by the National Association of Diffused Hotels, represent an elegant and original solution that will allow you to live the rarefied atmosphere and quiet of this beautiful city. Rooms and Homes that evoke an unusual charm. The owners have taken care of every detail, choosing furniture and fabrics of the finest Italian and French brands to make each of the rooms and Homes not only luxurious and comfortable but unique. The names of the houses are inspired from the medieval village, the ancient street names and districts.

Casale dell'Arte (R&B)

Luxury Rooms & Breakfast

Located at the foot of the Malatesta Castle Verucchio has a wonderful view of the Castle of Verucchio, San Marino and Rimini sea. The House houses inside several artists who contributed their work to make this magical home.

The Houses

Le Case

Private Spa

A passion for pleasure is the secret of remaining young.

Oscar Wilde

The Offers


Verucchio was born in the Etruscan era and is certainly one of the most characteristic villages within the entire Romagnolo hinterland, seeing its true splendor during the Malatestiana era, when it became symbolically called the “cradle”.
The village is found just around the corner from Rimini and therefore allows you to easily reach the city whether you are looking to relax or to attend business meetings at the Rimini Fair.

In Verucchio you absolutely cannot miss the wonderful medieval historic centre, able to bring visitors back in time: here you can see one of the best preserved fortresses of the Malatestiana era, the Rock Fortress (or Malatestiana Fortress) that dominates the city from its position at the highest point.