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Le Case Antiche

Between a dream and history ...

There is a different way to spend your days while on holiday: more than at your own home, but hosted in sophisticated accommodations inspired by the surrounding environment.

It deals with “alberghi diffusi”, an Italian reality born in 1982 that is based on the need to build a new hospitality model, in which originality and the development of the territory are at its core, to make your days, spent wherever you choose, more magical and authentic, like a frame around your holiday.

This philosophy led to the birth of our Period Homes of Verucchio, small gems set in the historic centre of this fascinating village, located just around the corner from Rimini, awaiting you and able to provide a new way to spend your days, where the concept of a holiday is magnified and enriched by the possibility of having at your disposal not only a room or residence, but the comforts of your very own home.

We have been working in the building sector since 1960 and our experience has allowed us to lavish our commitment and knowledge even in the hospitality sector, offering wonderful period homes with nearly zero impact.

The Period Homes of Verucchio are therefore an elegant and original solution that will allow you to genuinely live the rare and tranquil atmosphere of this beautiful Romagnola town, enjoying an elegant and sober environment while at the same time having the freedom to organize your time here.  These homes are ideal even for those in search of a little tranquility, but with the convenience of having Rimini and the Rimini Fair just around the corner.  The Period homes of Verucchio will be the background of suggestive and unforgettable days spent in beautiful apartments, sophisticated and equipped with all the comforts necessary to brighten you day.

Our guests can enjoy unique hospitality, given the embellishment of the special union between the territory and the accommodation facilities: this is why our Period Homes are the ideal solution while visiting Verucchio.    


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